Dragon Born Game Summary

Here, young squire, the Dragon Born slot machine is an impressive medieval game! Now, let’s stop speaking as if we were wearing chainmail and a codpiece. But truly, this game’s premise makes you want to embrace the medieval castle lifestyle.


The game may prominently feature a jester, but it is no joke with over 100,000 chances to win and a jackpot that continues to grow with multiplying wilds. Find out more about the game’s gameplay, features, etc. in our Dragon Born review.


Examine the game’s additional reels and mismatched rows.

See how payments grow when wilds are acquired.

Unlock a bonus and pursue the Dragon Born jackpot.


Many paylines


We don’t recall ever having seen a game with so many possibilities to win.


Solid casino RTP of 95%


With so many paylines, this RTP is quite high.


Multiplying chip wilds


May transform even modest victories into a substantial payoff.


Search Distinctive layout and structure


Indeed, the game looks (and plays) fantastic.


Pros It seems and sounds amazing

Several stacks of wild cards

Perhaps extremely profitable bonus round

Excellent mechanics with additional rows and reels


The base jackpot might feel unimpressive.

More extra functions would be desirable.

Major Aspects of Dragon Born analyzed


Kill the dragon, collect the prize, and rescue the planet!

From The Hobbit to Skyrim, epic adventure stories have always been popular, and that’s the theme of our Dragon Born online slot review, a 6-reel slot game from Big Time Gambling.


Given that a video entrance or extra feature pertaining to the Dragon Mistress and her fire-breathing animals destroying the realm might be highly fascinating, the lack of a significant plot aspect in the game is unexpected.


The game’s innovative architecture gives up to 117,649 possibilities to win, however you won’t meet these on every single spin. Yet, despite a decent RTP of 95%, the game still seems rather unpredictable due to the frequent chasing required in the bonus round.


Not quite Skyrim, but a stunning game nevertheless.

Dragons, jewels, house sigils, the Dragon Mistress, the Ace, King, Queen, Jack, 10, and 9 all feature on the reels, and they look just fantastic.


When stretched across numerous rows, the numerals 10 and 9 are additionally ornamented with a shield and chalice, which is a great aesthetic touch. Despite the fact that just the diamond dispersion is animated, the game is still pretty active.


Diamonds are the best companion of a Dragon Born.

This game has a reputation for being a bit of a greedy dragon when it comes to bonus rounds, despite having a relatively fair RTP of 95%. This means that you can often anticipate to play for a considerable amount of time before the game grants you free spins, with some players reporting hundreds of spins before activating a bonus feature.


While this is not always the case, it is important to keep in mind if you’re the sort of player that expects to trigger a bonus round every 50 to 100 spins. If you reach there, there’s a good chance of winning large, as each diamond awards an additional free spin to your 6, 12, 25, or 50 original free games (triggered by 3, 4, 5 or 6 diamonds respectively).


Fools who understand how to become wild, wild, wild!

The Dragon Born jackpot isn’t all that amazing on its own — 50x for lining up six dragons — but when multiplicating wilds are factored in, things become insane. With full reel wilds that multiply up to 7x and may combine to a maximum of 50x, it is easy to see how rapidly large rewards might accumulate.


Despite how pleasant it is to see dragons throughout the board, you may find yourself cheering even harder for wilds to arrive and increase your victory. Without them, the wins you receive while playing the Dragon Born online slot machine may seem a bit little.


A slot machine for enjoyment away from the castle.

If you can locate a responsive website or mobile app that offers the Dragon Born casino game for usage on smartphones and tablets, you may want to give it a shot.


In our view, though, the game’s additional reels and rows make the display on a smaller screen too busy. When a game is shrunk, what works well and offers significant value on desktops and laptops might become impossible to observe.


Ever fantasized of being a Knight of the Round Table? You will enjoy this!

If you enjoy fantasy novels, films, etc. such as King Arthur, Game of Thrones, and Lord of the Rings, then you will enjoy playing Dragon Born. Although the game can benefit from extra bonus features or a progressive jackpot, it is currently a very excellent offering.


You’ll also love putting Dragon Born’s 6 reels and mismatched rows to the test if you’re seeking for anything that deviates from the standard 5×3 video slot format. Nevertheless despite this, it features a high RTP percentage and a large prize.


The one big problem we have about the Dragon Born slot machine is that the bonus round feels fairly infrequent, as you will quickly discover if you try the game for free.

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